The Academies of Loudoun is excited to host its 5th annual hackathon! This hackathon will be entirely in-person and you will have two days to complete a project of your choice. Various tech mentors can assist you and you can learn about bleeding edge technologies from a number of interesting workshops. Prizes will be awarded to the best of each category judged using the criteria listed below.

You may access our website here and send us an email here!

Questions about judging and submissions can be posted to the discussions section of this website.


**Max Team Size is 3**

Prizes will be distributed at the awards ceremony at the end of Day 2. You must attend the ceremony to win a prize (so attend!). If you can’t be present due to some extenuating circumstance, contact nathanial.cool@lcps.org.

Additional inquires about judging and submissions can be sent to Mr. Cool's email as well.

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$902 in prizes

Best Overall Hack (1st Place)

Xbox Series X

Best Overall Hack (2nd place)

24-inch Monitor

Best Overall Hack (3rd Place)

Wireless Speaker

Best Theme

Wireless Speaker

Best Middle School Hack

Amazon Gift Card

Best UI/UX/Aesthetic Design

Portable Charger

Best Hardware Hack

Arduino Set

Most Innovative / Greatest Potential Impact

Wireless Earbuds

Best Game

RGB Keyboard / Mouse

Most Workshops Attended

Amazon Gift Card

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Nate Cool

Tobie Juleau

Divya Lobo

Tavis Palmer

Tavis Palmer

Sam Shumaker

Ethan Liu

Adam Leff

Adam Leff

Cos Fi

Nicolas Janis

Lanah Pheng

Lanah Pheng

Trey Jenkins

Alejandro Rios

Sanjitha Prabakaran

Mira Khan

Aayush Dhiman

Joshua DiStefano

Joshua DiStefano

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Complexity and Ambition
    How impressive are the technical aspects of the project? How ambitious is it?
  • Polish and Functionality
    How functional is the project? Does it do what it is supposed to do?
  • Originality
    How original and innovative is the project? Does it introduce a new approach or new way of thinking?
  • Aesthetic Design
    How aesthetically pleasing is the project? How well is it presented?
  • Potential Future Impact
    How impactful could the project idea be in its respective field if pursued fully? How feasible is its application?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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